Hackathon Information

Our hackathon allows students of all levels of programming to come together and create a computer science solution to a current problem. We target a wide skill range (from no programming knowledge to advanced programming knowledge). Our opportunities include sponsor instruction, an industry computer scientist sharing their experience, and teachers introducing programming techniques/skills. We also plan to present step by step instruction to help you through every part of a hackathon.

Our Mission

We believe in the power of hackathons, but more importantly, we believe in the power of community. Once joined with like-minded people, programmers from different areas will receive the backing and assistance of hundreds of others who would have been otherwise unreachable. This is why we made Treasure Hacks: to gather both beginner and more experienced high-school programmers and create a growing community that will forever be connected through programming and computer science.

Categories and Prizes



A hackathon is a collaborative event where many people come together to collaborate and compete using computer programming.

Any current high school or college student.

Yes, and we provide resources specifically for those who are new to programming

Nope! It’s completely free and includes all the assortments of prizes that you can win.

The deadline is on January 12 at 11:59 PM PST.

You can read the hackathon rules here

This hackathon is a MLH Event. In addition to our hackathon rules, please make sure to follow the MLH Code of Conduct at all times.

If you don’t have a team, you will be able to find and form a team (of up to 4 people) through Discord when the hackathon begins.

Once you have your team together, sign up on the Devpost.

Any language is fine, as long as you can provide the code on GitHub

Devpost (link will be in the discord)

You will need a short description and your code on GitHub.

A video is not strictly required, but will help significantly with your project’s scoring

Yes, but for our hackathon, you can only work on it during our hacking period.

We are located in California so we will be running off of PST.

Treasure Hacks Team

Brandon Joe

Hi there, I’m Brandon Joe, an undergraduate student at UCSD. My interest for Computer Science started with creating broken games and block programming projects, but evolved into proficiency in several coding languages and leadership in stem-based organizations.

Ethan Kosaki

Hi, I’m Ethan Kosaki. I enjoy using programming in creative ways to solve different problems. Through TreasureHacks, I want to create a community for computer science students around the world. Treasure Hacks is my way to spread a love of programming with other high school students.

Ethan Wang

Hello, I’m Ethan Wang. I have always been intrigued about how things work, and I enjoy creating games. My passion for computer science has allowed me to win the sponsorship award at a local hackathon, as well as land an internship at Hopscotch Technologies.